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Stacey Tisdale & Wealth Wednesday Co-Host Angela Yee Launch New Digital Series With Self App On Financial Wellness & Credit Repair

Credit Chronicles Follows The Lives of A Millennial Married Couple Facing Financial Challenges

Award-winning financial journalist, Stacey Tisdale’s, Mind Money Media Inc. produced a new digital video series and financial empowerment campaign called #CreditChronicles through its Wealth Wednesdays platform. The series was produced in partnership with Self, an innovative fintech company that helps people save money, build credit, and develop good financial habits.

“Fintech, and companies like Self, are truly proving to be the ‘great equalizers’ in the economy, providing solutions to all communities and participants in the new Gig Economy that most traditional financial service companies are not,” says Tisdale, President & CEO of Mind Money Media Inc.

For 8 weeks, Credit Chronicles followed the lives of Marcos & Tena, a married Millennial couple with a young child, as they struggled to find their financial footing with the help of the Self app and a financial wellbeing coach from financial empowerment giant, Operation HOPE. The couple was burdened with over $100,000 in student loan and credit card debt.

“We look forward to helping shine a light on the credit and financial struggles faced by so many people in this country,” said James Garvey, founder and CEO at Self, “and hope that, by sharing one couple’s story, more people will be inspired to tackle their financial challenges and overcome them.”

“At HOPE we know firsthand the transformational impact that financial dignity has on the lives of individuals, and by extension, communities – it changes everything,” said Operation HOPE Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer, John Hope Bryant. “We’re honored to help facilitate this family’s journey, confident that their empowerment will empower others to take ownership of their lives and create a secure financial future.

“Stacey and I have been working hard to identify resources for our audience that can provide them with solutions and support given the new realities of the economy. We fell in love with the Self app and the company’s mission,” says Yee.

“The goal is teach our audience how to navigate the financial, psychological, and emotional challenges that come with financial stress, and teach them how to make better decisions while maintaining their dignity…A journey no one should go on alone,” says Tisdale.

Marcos and Tena met the challenge. The Breakfast Club hosts give the #CreditChronicles couple, $5,000 for going through the 8 week financial makeover with the Self App and Operation Hope financial wellness coach Stacey Pierce.

Check out all seven episodes of the Credit Chronicles and the results of the couple’s 8 week challenge. See how they got rid of debt, boosted savings, and got a 77 point jump in their credit score despite the added economic challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

Stacey Tisdale
Stacey Tisdale
Founder, CEO, Executive Producer

Stacey Tisdale, a more than 20-year veteran TV broadcast financial journalist, and financial behavior expert, is one of the first women, and the first African-American to report from the New York Stock Exchange, in her role as a reporter/anchor for Dow Jones' Emmy Award-winning, Wall Street Journal Television.

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