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Mind Money Media is a multimedia and event content provider, led by awardwinning financial journalist, author, and financial behavior expert, Stacey Tisdale. With a focus on financial wellness for individuals, the company also creates content and provides consulting services. Learn More


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[Mental Health Awareness Month] Low on Confidence? Start Saving & Investing Money

A study by TIAA finds that Americans are having a bit of a crisis of confidence when it comes to their financial security, with...

[Financial literacy month] 5 questions you must ask yourself about your parent’s ‘money’ role modeling

I once interviewed a woman who was experiencing a lot of stress in her marriage about money.  She and her husband were having a...

[Sheconomics Spotlight] Working Mother Media President Subha Barry: Showing the World What Women Are Made Of

Subha Barry has defied expectations, personally and professionally, with a mix of determination, strength, and grace. Barry is the President of Working Mother Media,...

5 Tips to Help You Manage Student Loan Debt Stress

Managing the Stress Around Student Loan Debt The numbers are increasingly alarming – student loan debt is spiraling out of control. Some 45.3 million people...

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Mind Money Media partners with corporations, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit organizations for events – live and social media –  helping to identify and book speakers and...

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For all booking engagements, please contact Jay Jones of AlwaysOn PR at jayjones@alwaysonpr.tv or (212) 246-6236.

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https://youtu.be/oL8i-4D9E6s Stacey Tisdale shares research on what is and isn’t working in workplace diversity & inclusion efforts aimed at gender and racial parity. Learn How to...


[Personal Finance] Simple Acts That Make Financial Goals A Reality

It’s hard to stay focused on our financial goals when we’re worried about money. But that’s actually the time when goal-setting matters the most. Neuroscientists...

[National Homeownership Month] How Your Side Hustle, Crowdfunding, & Airbnb, Can Make You A Homeowner!

Homeownership in the United States soared to its highest level in 12 years in 2020, as low mortgage rates and the coronavirus pandemic prompted more...

Personal Finance

Wealth Wednesdays Co-Host, Angela Yee, Shares The Importance of Knowing Your Worth

Angela Yee is a force to be reckoned with, a powerful success in radio, in business and in life. Yee has come a long...

Marijuana Stocks and The Cannabis Economy: The 411 on 420

A few years ago, I did some reporting on the cannabis industry for Black Enterprise. Colorado had just become the first state to legalize marijuana,...

Diversity & Inclusion

Stacey Short$: What Succeeds In Diversity Efforts

Stacey Tisdale shares research on what is and isn’t working in workplace diversity & inclusion efforts aimed at gender and racial parity.


How Sharita Humphrey Raised Her Credit Score 500 Points & Rebuilt Her Life

Banking has been impacted by technology, but poverty as a societal issue for minorities and women until now, has been largely ignored by the...

[Wealth Wednesdays] NFL Hall of Famer & San Francisco 49er Legend, Ronnie Lott, Talks Money & Entrepreneurship With Stacey Tisdale Ahead of Super Bowl...

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting NFL Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott’s former teammates at a golf event at the Pebble...


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Learn more about Stacey’s behavior-based financial education program, Winning Play$, that helps students develop healthy attitudes and behaviors around money. Find out more about how you can help give back to the community. Parents can also access individual lessons to teach their kids about money. Winning Play$ is a winner of the U.S. Dept. of Education's Excellence in Economic Education award.

"If Stacey Tisdale had been at my college, I wouldn’t have taken a lifetime to learn what Nina Simone sang to us all, “God bless the child that has her own.”

—Gloria Steinem