Founders Statement

Mind Money Media’s Mission

To quote President John F. Kennedy, “And with privilege goes responsibility.” I have had the privilege of seeing into the hearts, minds, fears, and dreams of people all over the world throughout my career in journalism and my work in global financial markets.

I was also very privileged to have a Mother & Father who were a study in service, excellence, and lifting the lives of others. They were also committed to filling my life with people, places, things, and experiences that would enable me to understand the unity within all of our diversity.

These privileges have seeded a sense of responsibility in me to do everything within my power to remind people and the world of the perfection I’ve seen it to be. To find and share the kind of information that will melt away the limiting mind made beliefs in their many forms.

Mind Money Media was created in the journalistic tradition of being a bridge to our deepest truths. Our mission is to close communication gaps and foster our understanding of each other in ways that transform broken trusts, build empathy, and births allyship.

It’s going to take community – partnership between individuals, communities, governments and corporations to harness the world’s energy for reform in a way that makes this time in history a movement and not just a moment.

Money’s greatest gift is that it can reveal where we are and are not living in step with who we truly are and what we know to be true. Mind Money Media provides the resources and support to help all of us bridge those gaps and step into the flow of evolution with open hearts and minds.

Areas of Focus: 

  • Economic Equality: Closing wealth disparities and gaps that are the result of race, culture and gender 
  • Financial education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Wealth building resources for individuals, families, and communities
  • Homeownership 
  • Collaborations & partnerships aimed at financial, career, and workplace empowerment
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Psychological & emotional wellness in our financial lives
  • Debt and credit health
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Evolving corporate cultures from bottom to top
  • The new economy 

Mind Money Media also provides personal and financial behavioral content and expertise to broadcast and digital media outlets through its founder’s platform as an internationally recognized thought leader in those spaces.