Video Series: Understanding the Black Money Mindset

MMM founder, Stacey Tisdale, is one of the most respected thought leaders in the country when it comes to understanding the psychological, emotional, and socioeconomic dynamics at play in race, culture, performance, and connecting with multicultural consumers.

The Understanding The Black Money Mindset video series will provide invaluable insights into the ways in which those factors manifest for Blacks, for your workforce and consumers.

The series topics include:

  • The Investing Habits of Affluent Blacks: Lessons For All
  • The New Realities of Black Wealth
  • A League of Their Own: Black Female Entrepreneurs
  • Black Millennials: Moving Beyond Challenges
  • Financial Wellness: Freeing Your Mind & Your Money From Debt
  • Financial Wellness: Creating the Mindset for Wealth
  • Teach Your Children, Teach Yourself: Being the Financial Role Model Your Child Needs

MMM will brand and customize this content with the look and feel of your organization as well as record customized video inserts from a representative from your group with the appropriate messaging to reflect your objectives.