Video Series: Brave Spaces with Glenn Diversity & Stacey Tisdale

Video Series: Brave Spaces with Glenn Diversity & Stacey Tisdale

Mind Money Media has partnered with Glenn Diversity Inclusion & HR Solutions to create Brave Spaces – a video and consulting platform designed to help us look beneath the surface of some of the most challenging, yet often undiscussed, aspects of personal and professional performance in the workplace.

The Brave Spaces series and workshops include insights and proven diversity & inclusion techniques from Glenn Diversity Inclusion & HR Solutions CEO and Founder, Jackie Glenn, a true thought leader in the DEI space.

As Global Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion at tech behemoth Dell EMC, Jackie oversaw a workforce of over 60,000 employees around the world. During her tenure, Diversity Inc listed EMC as a Top 25 Noteworthy Company and Disability Matters named EMC a Leading Employee. Also, under Jackie’s guidance, the company had a five-year run with a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index.

The Brave Spaces videos pair Glenn’s expertise with Mind Money Media’s production and analysis to provide real time solutions in real time situations. The unique content format builds on the proven success of micro-learning as a tool for personal and corporate culture evolution for employees, managers, and leaders at all levels.


Each video series consists of:

  •  5 videos (approx.) 5 minutes in length, hosted by award-winning broadcast journalist, Stacey Tisdale and with expertise on ‘next practices’ on each topic from thought leader Jackie Glenn.
  • Customized graphics and branding.
  • Brave Spaces takeaway tools consisting of actionable steps viewers can apply in real life situations.

Topics Include:

  •   Allyship In Action
  •  Getting Conscious About Your Unconscious Biases
  •  How to Have Conversations About Race in The Workplace
  •  Best Practices for Diverse Talent Acquisition & Retention
  •  Inclusive Leadership
  • The Science of Listening
  • You Are Not An Imposter
  • *Custom topics and videos also available!